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For over three decades, as an experts I have specialized in providing professional service to discriminating clients in the private sector, entertainment and sports industries who insist on quality, confidentiality and convenience.


Private Consultation provides:

Family Mediation

Parenting Consultation

Personal Life Coaching

Actor /Actress  Evaluation and Coaching

Psycho therapeutic Treatment/Referral

Drug & Alcohol Treatment/Referral

Dispute Resolution Service

Divorce Mediation

Court Mandated Service /Referral

Anger Management Training/Referral

Child Custody Evaluations

Relationship Enhancement

Grief & Loss Counseling

Sports Performance Enhancement Referral

Business Services and Referral

To best meet your needs for privacy and confidentiality, I provide service at the location of your choice, including: Your home, office or studio Via telephone. 

Other mutually acceptable locations.


I have over 30 yrs experience in commercial, entertainment, fashion and the fitness business.


Let Me know how I may be of assistance.

Please schedule a complimentary confidential initial consultation, 

please call uuse the CONFIDENTIAL "Inquiry Form" button at the top of the page

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